3 Suggestions For In-House Reputation Management

by | Nov 9, 2018

Perfecting your web page is very important in today’s market but reputation management is as equally important. Buyers could come upon negative reviews when looking for your business name or a branded product.

A local business can create Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Local, and Google pages to take real estate on Page 1 of search engine results. Since over 90 percent of Google users never advance past the first returned search results page, it is vital to ensure positive and neutral results dominate the first page.

Create a Large Online Presence

While establishing a page on the internet is helpful in quite a few ways, reputation management is one of the most vital things a business can do.

When a potential client is hunting for a local business by name or industry, you do not want them to see websites with damaging reviews. This could be minimized by establishing pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo Local. Since less than 10 percent of Google users move forward to the second page of results, having many relevant corners of the web assists in trashing negative sites to the dark recesses of Page 2. 

Monitor the Company Name and Products

One of the biggest factors of reputation management is what people are finding online. The good news is, a business owner can occasionally track this as fast as people are finding it. By simply heading over to Google and doing a search on the company name or its branded product, a business owner can see exactly what others are noticing regarding their company. Additionally, it is easy to set up Google Alerts which informs you of new mentions with certain keywords, such as the company name. If something negative pops up, corrective actions can be started.

Be Transparent on Social Media

Several business owners make the mistake of removing negative mentions from their social media pages. The truth is, they should be contacting the upset customer in full view of the public. When others experience a company striving to right a wrong they already know the organization actually cares about its customers.

Marketing is only able to do so much when a company’s reputation is tainted. Reputation management, however, can turn your business in the ideal direction.