3 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing at a Trade Show

by | Aug 18, 2017

In some industries, trade show attendance is just a fact of life. In others, attending a periodic event can still do great things to promote the local business.

Regardless of which situation a budding entrepreneur is in, there are certain trade show mistakes that must be avoided at all cost. Considering the time commitment and cost of a booth, these mistakes can seriously cut into profits.

  1. Being Too Frugal

Going to a trade show is all about making money, but as they say, it’s sometimes necessary to spend money to make it. Professional looking displays, nice carpeting, and additional plants may all cost more, but they’re certainly worth it.

Four out of five trade show attendees show up with buying authority, so it’s absolutely essential to “wow” everyone in attendance – even if it costs a little more.

  1. Failure to Promote

Trade shows are themselves a certain type of promotion, but business owners should also promote their attendance at the show. Hop on social media, send out emails and let prospective clients know about the upcoming event.

This will ensure customers and those who are still on the fence show up to see what a company is all about.

  1. Viewing Everyone as a Competitor

Being at the same trade show as another company means they share something in common with you. It doesn’t, however, mean that they’re competitors.

While a medevac vehicle provider might be at a disaster management trade show, they’re certainly not in competition with the survivalist company across the aisle.

Business owners should build connections with those who aren’t their direct competitors. These relationships can pay off in the long run.

Regardless of their industry, there’s a trade show out there for

every business owner. The biggest hurdle is finding these events and avoiding costly mistakes. And if an entrepreneur can avoid just the aforementioned, they’re already ahead of the game.