Use the FAQ/SAQ Framework to Become an Authority in Any Local Market

FAQ/SAQ Framework

Tired of losing customers to the competition? Find out how to use a simple FAQ/SAQ framework to establish your credibility and prove yourself as THE expert in your local industry.

Does it feel like a losing battle trying to compete with the big dogs in your industry? You may be surprised to learn that you actually have an advantage! Unlike large corporations, you have the opportunity to add a personal touch to engage your prospective customers in ways that the big companies can’t. One effective strategy is creating quick, helpful videos using frequently asked questions and “should-ask” questions framework.

Now, if you are new to creating videos, don’t let this scare you away. It’s far easier than you think, and it’s a powerful, memorable way to show your prospects the personal side of your local business while providing them with the info they want and need. We’ll show you how to do it to get lead generation results.

What Do Your Prospective Customers Want and Need to Know?

The first step in the process is writing down ten questions prospects ask all the time and then ten questions they SHOULD be asking but don’t know to ask.

Next, use your smartphone (this doesn’t have to be a fancy video production) to create two-minute video answers. Don’t be afraid to interject some humor and your personality, but keep it brief–two minutes or less. You’ll end up with 20 videos you can share over a period of time with your social media followers. Share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and post to your website–anywhere your prospects might be hanging out.

Why This Method Works

Do your prospects really want to see videos from you? Yes, they do! The best customers are educated customers who purchase from you because they like and trust you. You may think this process is too good to be true, but I promise you it’s not! It’s a simple method that produces real, tangible results to grow your customer base and your bottom line.

If you need help getting started or creating your FAQ/SAQ video scripts, we can help. Perhaps you are concerned you don’t have the social media following to make this strategy worth it. We can help with that too. Connect with us online now to schedule a strategy call.

Clarence Fisher has spent more than a decade in the Internet marketing trenches honing his digital marketing skills. After helping national companies go from concept to millions of dollars in revenues, he decided to focus his Internet marketing powers on helping local businesses across America achieve their goals. Clarence has a keen eye for finding out what works in a marketplace and positioning his clients’ companies to dominate their markets.

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