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On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO; Which Comes First?

You know the old debate about the chicken and the egg?  That one is still going on, and will continue to rage as long as…
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Content Marketing – How To Become a Top Content Publisher

At the core of your Tulsa SEO strategy there should be a content marketing plan.  Content marketing provides you with the method to directly engage…
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Conversion Optimization – Things you Didn’t Know About Your Customer

Every business owner is in a similar position:  You've got customers, and you don’t know them.  You might think you know them, whether they come…
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Google Search Plus Your World – Evolving the Way We View SEO in Tulsa

This month, on January 10th, Google launched "search plus your World", essentially mixing up search and social to provide more personalized search results to users…
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SEO – Stay Relevant with Content Curation

Rising in the SERPs with Content Curation The battle to get your business to the top of the search engines with Tulsa SEO is fierce,…
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Local Search – Link Building for Local Business

Link Building for the Small Business Owner Sometimes we have a hard time convincing local business owners that online marketing and SEO in Tulsa is…
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