Mobile Marketing – How to Put QR Codes to Work For You

There are number of ways to utilize QR codes for marketing, effectively bridging the gap between online and offline qr codesmarketing, and new ideas come up every day from businesses in the industry who creatively and strategically leverage this channel for mobile marketing.  Here are some great ideas you can use for QR codes in your business – if you try them out, let us know how they work for you.

1. Name Tags – Every use a name tag at a convention or use lanyards for your employees when they’re out and about?  Add a QR code to your tags.  In fact, you can replace your name with a QR code, just to spike a little curiosity and ride the gimmick train at your next convention.

2. Billboards – A billboard along the expressway probably isn’t the most effective , or the safest way, to utilize a QR code.  You can however put up a billboard in a foot traffic heavy area like a downtown district or a food market, mall, etc to generate interest in a brand.

3. Websites – Most people use QR codes to drive traffic to a website via mobile marketing, but you can put a QR code on your website to make it easy for a customer to quickly download your contact information into their smartphone.  Add one to your homepage and your contact page for easy access.

4. Business Cards – With a QR code on your business card you can remove the need for copying URL’s by hand.  Now a customer or contact can either hit your website from the QR code or grab your contact information on the fly.

5. Webinars – If you want to make your webinars a little more engaging and add a touch of fun, add a QR code as part of your presentation.  It’s a great way to get an audience involved, and makes it easy for them to access supplemental material or promotional goods you feature in your slides.  It’s also a great way to draw attention and drive traffic to partner or sponsor sites/contacts.

6. Social Profiles – If you want to make your business stand out from all the other competitors leverage Facebook and sites like LinkedIn, try adding a QR Code.  This can move people outside of your social profile over to your sales funnel within your website.

7. Tshirts – A t-shirt is a fun way to promote a service or a product.  Throw a catchy phrase in that draws attention and add your QR code.  People will scan you as you wander around events, tech centers, stores, etc.

8. Coupons – If you’re a business that doles out cards, mailers, box toppers or special offers, include a QR code on the promo piece where it’s clearly visible.  This can drive them through to a special discount that can be scanned at the POS.

There’s really no mystery to using QR codes to grow your business.  You just need to generate the code and add it to any promotional material you’ve got.  Always remember to test your campaign before you implement it to ensure that your QR code is functioning the way it should.

Clarence Fisher has spent more than a decade in the Internet marketing trenches honing his digital marketing skills. After helping national companies go from concept to millions of dollars in revenues, he decided to focus his Internet marketing powers on helping local businesses across America achieve their goals. Clarence has a keen eye for finding out what works in a marketplace and positioning his clients’ companies to dominate their markets.

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