6 Huge Advantages Hiring a Content Writing Agency Can Have for Your Business


When weighing your options for creating content marketing pieces, don’t overlook the significant benefits outsourcing your workload to an agency can have. While onboarding content writing staff or working directly with a freelancer can both be viable options, they barely scratch the surface of what a content marketing agency can offer.

When working with an agency, you have the ability to dramatically upscale the quality, quantity and overall reach of the content created for your digital marketing campaigns.

For instance, a content writing services provider can give you a set cost for creating a high-quality asset like an eBook that includes all the services you need like graphics and a paid social media promotion budget. When managing such a campaign in-house, each of these services and the tools required to make it happen are an individual cost.

Working with a content writing company therefore upgrades your capabilities while helping you achieve efficiency and streamline your content creation processes. Even if you have your own talent in-house, outsourcing even just a portion of content creation and content promotion to an agency can cut your costs and help you achieve far better campaign performance.

To help you understand what an asset a content marketing agency can be for your business, consider the following six biggest benefits below.

High Quality Professional Work With Writing Expertise


The most immediate benefit to using a dedicated digital marketing agency to write your content is a high standard of quality. Professionals who write full time have familiarity, expertise and a high level of comfort with their craft.

In other words, they can create highly polished and engaging pieces with far less effort than your staff ever could. Professional writers have also learned hard lessons over time. For instance, they would know how to insert stronger action verbs or how to structure sentences that have crystal clear meanings.

An agency-level expertise also applies to more than just the writing of the pieces themselves. They also understand long-term content strategy. Their knowledge can encompass the timing of publication, for instance. Or the best way to format your pieces for optimal presentation. They may also be able to provide advice on how to select or mold topics so that your pieces always provide value and satisfy an established audience need.

Outsourcing your work can therefore significantly improve overall quality and performance compared to what can be produced in-house.

Quicker Output Potential and Scalability

In addition to quality, content writing services provided by an agency give you access to scalability. You can potentially go from a regular content load of four blogs to six blogs per month, plus a premium white paper at the drop of a hat.

Content agencies have access to a stable of qualified writers with dedicated schedules. They almost always have the capacity to take on more work. Making a dramatic content project change, such as the one illustrated above, can be accomplished quickly.

You also don’t need to develop permanent resources that you won’t have use for later. You won’t have to hire three employee writers for a special project who then have nothing to do once the project is complete.

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Stop Paying Opportunity Costs, and Reclaim More of Your Labor Hours

No matter how well you or your employees write, getting your content writing done still requires a time commitment. Employee hours could go to things like researching business opportunities or measuring your overall marketing performance, instead of being spent writing and editing.

If you’re currently handling a lot of writing duties yourself, you understand just how time consuming it could be. Other projects and things that need your attention get put on the back burner. The tasks you do get to receive a smaller portion of your time.

Outsourcing content creation frees up the tie for your staff, enabling you to accomplish more and focus on activities that help your business grow.

A Content Writing Agency Can Augment Your Capabilities at a Fixed Cost

Content agencies bring a lot to the table. They often have their own tools for managing content publication, monitoring content marketing performance, or jazzing up the content itself.

For example, a content marketing agency will typically have a subscription for a stock photo service as part of their budget. You don’t have to spend $40 to $400 or more a month on just using a few photos. You can have them built into your budget.

Likewise, a content marketing team assigned to your account will be able to help you track more campaigns. You can stay organized better than your in-house employees could manage on their own.

In a sense, they become a peripheral part of your staff that is highly experienced and knowledgeable. It’s kind of like having a superhero squad at your disposal. Kind of.

Create Targeted Content That Appeals to Your Audiences, Not Just Your Business Goals

Businesses that create their own content can run into one surprising and unexpected flaw. They care too much about their brand to think like a typical reader.

Because of this, even the most talented in-house staff writer may end up sounding more like a commercial than a blog. Over-promotion indicates bias. Bias breeds mistrust in audiences. It can cause them to lose interest in what you have to say.

Someone embedded in an organization tends to forget what sorts of concepts need to be explained or kept in mind when speaking to a non-expert audience.

Content writers bring objectivity and a razor-sharp focus on audience needs with them. They are often familiar with multiple subject matters. They have countless styles of writing. Being well-versed helps them share expertise and explain concepts to a layperson. They have the ability to sound like your average Joe, not some overeager marketing person.

An experienced writer can also bring with them outside perspectives a business may not have considered. Sometimes, a handy metaphor or a relevant resource they stumbled upon during another project makes all the difference.

At the end of the day, a seasoned content writer wants to meet the needs of their audiences above all else. A good writer helps propel business goals without sabotaging performance by being over-eager.

Reduce Risks of Full-Time Employees

Lastly, businesses should consider  the sheer amount of overhead and risk full-time employees bring. On-boarding and training take a significant amount of time. It also requires a hefty financial investment. If the employee doesn’t work out, the business may not have fully recouped its investment in talent development.

There are also complicating factors to consider. Some of these are additional HR overhead, benefits, employee taxes, and the need for management. There are countless other things. Working with an agency streamlines all of these. An agency can create one fixed, predictable cost that you can adjust practically at-will.

In the end, you get the work you need done more efficiently and more flexibly. You’ll also notice a higher level of polish when outsourcing to a content writing services provider. Because of all the advantages they offer, hiring a content writing agency is a sound investment. Their services are indispensable no matter how many great writers a business has on staff.

Clarence Fisher has spent more than a decade in the Internet marketing trenches honing his digital marketing skills. After helping national companies go from concept to millions of dollars in revenues, he decided to focus his Internet marketing powers on helping local businesses across America achieve their goals. Clarence has a keen eye for finding out what works in a marketplace and positioning his clients’ companies to dominate their markets.

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