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Internet Marketing Basics for Your Home Business

Starting a business out of your home is a brilliant idea for creating new income streams or pivoting to a new career path.…
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How to Market When There’s No Time for Marketing

It’s impossible for a business to be successful without marketing. Sadly, budding entrepreneurs don’t always have time to promote their company. After all,…
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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Email Marketing in 2012

Email marketing may not have the same flair and style of social media or other marketing channels that are gaining in popularity for…
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The Role of Keywords in Your Content Marketing

If you think content marketing is all about promoting your products in a subtle way in order to improve sales, then you need…
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Internet Marketing – Do Away with Shortcuts

Time is money when it comes to your business and every second is a little bit of money slipping out of your finger…
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Starbucks Reigns as Mobile Marketing Champ for 2011

Starbucks had been faced with several consecutive quarters of negative growth and rather than see the brand start to fall apart or run…
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Internet Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Internet marketing strategies are for small businesses too! We have been helping small Tulsa businesses find new customers online for quite a while now and…
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Internet Marketing – How to Move Customers to Action

How effective is your current marketing campaign at moving your customers to action?  When you’re planning a marketing strategy, it’s assumed that you…
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Online Marketing – Originality Required

I frequently ask prospective clients what kind of marketing they’ve been doing, why the want to change and what their goals are.  On…
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Are You The Best?

Yes, hopefully you consider yourself the best. If you don't you should find another line of work. Whether you consider yourself or your…
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