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Mobile Marketing – Get Your Message Into the Hands of Your Customers

Mobile Marketing WebsiteMobile marketing is a tactic that can effectively boost your business when you’re looking to expand reach, generate leads, increase profit and grow with technology.  What’s better is that mobile marketing in is virtually untapped by Tulsa businesses owners and it has a massive potential for profitable returns.

If you’re ready to develop a full-scale strategy for online marketing that can reach your customers in every corner of your market, then mobile marketing is the next logical step.

Why Choose Mobile Marketing

Mobile internet is on the rise thanks to the growing use of smartphone and mobile technology.  Morgan Stanley predicts that by the end of 2013, more consumers will access the web via mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PC’s than on standard desktop devices.

  • More than 80% of the population of the U.S. carry smartphones (over 250 million)
  • Global mobile advertising is valued at more than $16 billion
  • Four out of five teens carry a mobile device with a data plan
  • More than 57% of Teenagers view their mobile device as a key part of their social interaction

Mobile marketing is a powerful, unique approach that puts your message in the hands of your customers.  It also bridges the gap between online and offline marketing.  To truly leverage this new trend, you need a company familiar with technology brands, phone features, carrier types, memory limitations, app development and more.

Tulsa Internet Marketing Service (Tulsa IM) provides all the resources to help you create content that connects with your audience, no matter what device they use.

The Benefits of Your Custom Mobile Marketing Strategy

There are pros and cons to developing a mobile marketing strategy.  On the upside of things, you’ll be engaging your audience in a new way, and expanding your marketing strategy using proven tactics for leveraging the mobile web.  On the downside, you need to figure out how to compensate for the rush of business you’ll experience.

Mobile Marketing provides this and more

  • Powerful tracking for user location, carriers, devices, clicks and calls
  • Wow your customers before your competitors who are lagging behind in Mobile Marketing
  • Reach your target audience anywhere, anytime.

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